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The word partnership in the New Testament comes from the Greek word “koinonia” and it means sharing, unity, close association, partnership, participation, a society, a communion, a fellowship, contributory help and brotherhood.  Koinonia is a unity brought about by the Holy Spirit and the individual shares in common an intimate bond of fellowship with the rest of the Christian society.  It cements the believers to the Lord Jesus and to each other. Partnership with LCM International is much more than giving financially. It means we are in it together!  We pray and believe God for each other’s needs, standing in faith together as one and every soul that is won, healed and delivered is won because of LCM and Partners.  It is because of the prayers and financial support of the partners that we are able to fulfill the call of God to take the Ministry of Healing throughout the world and we cannot do it without you!  The more partners we have, the more people we can reach because we’re in it together!


First, and foremost, we are committed to praying for our partners!  These are not just general prayers, but we are interceding for you as the Holy Spirit leads and directs. God has healing and restoration for you and your families, so we expect testimonies, and praise reports for the supernatural things God is doing for you because that’s what we’re believing for!

Secondly, I am committed to sharing with you through the newsletters, regular healing messages as the Lord gives me to strengthen and encourage you as you become more familiar with God’s Healing Love, allowing Him to bring total healing to your soul.

Thirdly, you will be the first ones to be updated about what’s happening at LCM International including Conferences, Media Outreach, books, etc., and notified about special discounts offered as they are made available.



LCM partners are those who commit to pray for us and periodically sow financially into the work.  Your faithful contributions enable us to have conferences and seminars, print, produce and distribute CD’s and other products to those who need emotional healing. This means helping us fulfill our global mission to take healing and restoration into other nations.

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