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Apostle Linda Chapman

Apostle Linda Chapman serves as the President and CEO of  Linda Chapman Global Ministries.  She is a visionary whose mandate from God is to Heal the Brokenhearted and to set the captives free!  Her passion is to see God’s people healed, delivered, and set free from the powers of darkness so they can live life to the fullest and fulfill their God-given destinies. 

Apostle Linda Chapman currently serves as the Overseer of Kingdom Living Christian Center - Senior Leaders, Pastors Kevin & Mary Chapman.  Other Ministries include: Renewed Mind Outreach Ministry & Heart of Hope, Prophetess Felicia Simmons, Leader; Healing Waters International Ministry, Prophetess Shanelle Herring, Leader, Breaking the Silence Movement, Pastor Gwendolyn Williams, and Apex Rideshare, LLC, Marketplace Leader & Apostle Jason Walker.

Through Apostle Linda's ministry, many have been healed emotionally, physically, and delivered from demonic oppression.  As a result of God’s Healing love, people have discovered their purpose in the Kingdom of God and were able to break free from a mundane life with no purpose.


Apostle Linda is also the President and CEO of Kings & Priests Economic Solutions, Inc., a Marketplace Ministry called and anointed to help shift entrepreneurs into their God given callings as Marketplace Leaders, enabling them to change their financial status through God's Biblical Principles of Economics.


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